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(SCHEDULING NOTE: FEB 9, 2023 BLEACH:YOUR SHOW WILL BEGIN AT 9:30PM and there will be no 7pm Jam that night)


BLEACH - YOUR SHOW is an entirely improvised performance each Thursday at 8:30pm, featuring the Las Vegas improv group, BLEACH, plus whatever talented comedians/celebs invited that week. If you're curious about what to expect, well, YOU show up, YOU sit down, YOU give suggestions, and BLEACH improvises an entire performance based on what YOU provide. Nothing is planned - nothing is scripted - YOU decide the inspiration for the show.

So, you see, YOUR SHOW really is YOUR Show! BLEACH risks complete humiliation by trusting you to inspire an hour-long improv show. If the evening is amazing, you can pat yourself on the back! If it's anything less, you have no one to blame but yourself. The show you see has never happened before and will never happen again - after all, it's YOUR SHOW!


BLEACH Presents:


Before each BLEACH-YOUR SHOW performance

Thursdays 7pm

Bleach and Jam.3crop.jpg

BLEACH - YOUR DOWNTOWN IMPROV JAM kicks off Thursday evenings at 7pm by offering audience members the opportunity to jump in and perform improv with some of Las Vegas' most talented performers. Part improv show, part workshop, YOU have the choice to risk humiliation for hilarity or just observe it unfold before you. Regardless, you'll always remember it as the BEST THURSDAY YOU'VE HAD THIS WEEK!

And for the BEST bargain for the BEST entertainment...


Buy BLEACH and get JAM for FREE!

Buy a ticket to YOUR SHOW and get a ticket to YOUR DOWNTOWN IMPROV JAM for FREE!

For the safety of all our patrons, we will require proof of COVID-19 vaccination for entry to the theatre. Mask use will be required per current CDC guidelines.

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