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Life Sucks

by Aaron Posner


7:30pm 11/1,2,5,11,12,14,18

2pm 11/5,12,20

5pm 11/6,13

6:30pm 11/13

Tickets $20 - 38 + fees

“…[a] delightful Chekhov riff…The play defies traditional categories like ‘comedy’ or ‘drama,’ so let’s just settle for calling it ‘fantastic.’”

—Time Out Chicago. 

A group of old friends, ex-lovers, estranged in-laws, and lifelong enemies gather to grapple with life’s thorniest questions—and each other. What could possibly go wrong? Incurably lustful and lonely, hapless and hopeful, these seven souls collide and stumble their way towards a new understanding that LIFE SUCKS! Or does it? 


From the mind of Aaron Posner, author of Stupid F*#king Bird, comes this brash and revelatory reworking of Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya. Never has unhappiness been so much fun.

Run Time: 2 hours 15 minutes with on 15 minute intermission


Recommended for ages 13+


Erik Amblad, Jamie Carvelli Pirkone, Timothy Cummings, Amanda Guardado, China Hudson, Nick Huff, Amy Solomon

Director - Daz Weller

Stage Manager - Zachary Krause

Combat Director - Kevin Stevens

Scenic Designer - Whitney Lehn Meltz

Costume Designer - Candice Wynants

Lighting Designer - Gina Manago

Sound Designer - Jake Harrell

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