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Seven Soloists Sink or Swim


Vegas Theatre Company welcomes seven artists from across the country to spend one week with master teacher Shannan Calcutt (she/her) in her wildly popular workshop Make a Show with Shannan. The workshop culminates with two public performances on Thursday, November 30 and Saturday, December 2 where artists test the waters to see if they’ll sink or swim.


VTC is partnering with Celebration Barn, a center for physical theater located in Western Maine to extend artists' work from the pine tree state to our very own stage in Sin City! 


Seven Soloists:

Kristin Cooper, Nevada

Fred Daisy, Texas

Arthur Davis, California

Stefanie Frank, Nevada

Deb Rich, Minnesota

Madi White, Kansas

Eric Darrow Worthley, Maine


About Celebration Barn

For fifty-one years, Celebration Barn has created opportunities for physical theater artists to hone their craft and share their work in South Paris, Maine. They celebrate artists who channel the physical eloquence of the mime, the unruly energy of the clown, and the transformative power of the actor. By bringing art-making and community-building together, they serve those who are committed to reimagining the theater and the world beyond. The Barn is thrilled to partner with VTC to present seven soloists sink or swim. Learn more at


About the Soloists

Kristin Cooper 

Kristin (she/her) is currently retired and in recovery from working on housing and homelessness for thirty years. She is finally getting to devote her free time to more artistic pursuits including clowning, aerial silks, writing, and anything else that strikes her fancy. She used to sing and may get back to that soon. She used to dance as well and is boogying around her house at the moment. So many fun things to do and plenty of time to finally do it. She raised a brilliant daughter who will soon be starting graduate school in integrative biology. Don’t ask her what that means, because she doesn’t really understand, but it sounds impressive. Kristin is rich in friends and family and grateful for them all. 


Fred Daisy

FRED (she/her) was born in Dallas, Texas on a snowy day in February. She survived the cold and now lives with her best friend/partner, her dog, and three cats! She hopes to die an old woman, warm in her bed. She will best be known for her portrayal of comedic, fun-loving grandmothers in many films yet to come! Currently, FRED is working on her next music album FRED Daisy Greatest Hits: Volume 2 and an acoustic EP We’re All Gonna Die. Thank YOU for continuing to exist in this reality. YOU truly make the world a better place! :)


Arthur Davis

The best way to describe Arthur (he/him) would be that he is like a tree, swaying in a gentle breeze, under the Sun, after a rainstorm. Tall, sparkly, branches for arms, he possesses wisdom that really gets him places in his imagination. Arthur is a recovering people pleaser with a pretty good sense of timing, sometimes.  He's also a California native who loves travel, tattoos, rings, roller coasters, telling stories, and seeing life through magic colored glasses...and he thinks he's a wizard.


Stefanie Frank

A former litigation attorney and online copywriter, Stef (she/her) now runs Frankly Good Coffee, where she makes people’s mornings suck less. Part of the improv trio 54-45-54, she pursues her passions in life, which include running, comedy, and volunteering to help people feel better with her therapy dog, Louie. As a performer, writer, and creative, Stef advocates for mental health in her own small ways, including through her solo show, Why I’m in Therapy. 


Deb Rich

Deb (she/her) is a native of St. Paul, Minnesota. The last seven years she has done a deep dive into her physical theater roots. She is a graduate of Completely Ridiculous Acting Conservatory and has been studying intensively with master clown teachers Shannan Calcutt and Chris Bayes. Additional training with master teachers Avner Eisenberg, Aitor Bausauri, David Bridel, and Virginia Scott. She is unstoppable!


Madi White

Madi (she/her) is an actor, director, writer and artist from Wichita, Kansas. She received her degree from Wichita State University, specializing in musical theatre and physical performance. With over eighty professional productions under her belt, Madi now shares her expertise as a teacher at her alma mater. While this marks her first original production shared with audiences, she has been nurturing her passion for storytelling since childhood, particularly through writing short stories about the unexpected beauty of Kansas. Madi is grateful for the opportunity provided by Celebration Barn and Vegas Theatre Company, as well as the guidance and confidence given to her by Shannan Calcutt. 


Eric Darrow Worthley

Eric (he/him) is an actor, improvisor, playwright, and director based out of Westbrook, Maine. He is a founding member of the Scratch! Comedy group, and a past member of the Fresnel Theater Ensemble, Naked Shakespeare Ensemble and the Escapists Impro/Comedy troupe. He is a past winner of the Portland, Maine PortFringe Festival's PortFringe Pulitzer and Esprit de Corps awards.


November 30 7:30

December 2   2:00

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