As an esteemed local performer, Maythinee has received numerous accolades for her acting AND her teaching. Her ability to listen to her students and gently push them toward their best performances, is truly outstanding. Maythinee Washington is the best of both worlds: a talented performer and an amazing teacher. Her students will benefit from her experience, and will grow as actors as she shares her insights and skills.

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Irreverent Shakespeare will "shake" up what you think you know about Shakespeare. As foundations go, any actor worth their salt NEEDS to have a rudimentary understanding of Shakespeare. They should be able to delve into his works with a fresh eye in order to portray richly, developed, fully -leshed characters from any of Shakepeare's plays.

MONDAY, August 16th, 10a-2p


Make it Work: Making it Work Solo and with an Ensemble, will brighten your abilities onsta; everything from intense monologues to rambunctious cast ensemble. Make it Work will help any performer shine their brightest in any performing opportunity.

Tuesday, August 17th, 2-6p