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Vegas Theatre Company is Nevada’s home for compelling theatrical productions that illuminate our shared human experience, awaken our sensibilities about our world, and develop our art form and artists. We tell stories that bring us together. 


Vegas Theatre Company seeks to become a fully professional regional theatre housed in an innovative and highly-adaptable venue in the heart of Vegas. We will develop a robust outreach program throughout Nevada with a special focus on underserved populations and Nevada’s youth. 

Why Theatre?

It’s a point of connection.  It’s proof that although we might possess fundamentally different views about the world, we can sit in a room together and share ideas, laughter, tears, breath - an undeniable touchstone of truth with our community, our neighbours, strangers. A balm as we are reminded of all the things we share as we make our way with joy, agony, anger, indecision and success through this brief life.  A moment of recognition that your joys are my joys and your pain is my pain, your story is my story. A place to find peace, a place to be challenged and a place to spark change. An ancient act, we have been telling stories to entertain, to educate, to illuminate, long before we could ever write them down.  It’s our way to explain the inexplicable. We tell stories that bring us together.

 Adriane McCoy, Jamie Carvelli, Sabrina Cofield, Sarah Rice and Natalie Senecal in our poster for The Wolves by Sarah DeLappe,  February 2018

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