Tickets $20-25

"...an immersive and mind-bending theatrical experience."

-Erie Daily Times

TSTMRKT (pronounced “Test Market”) is a random act of cheap theatrics that incorporates time, minimalism, absurd theater, film, and audio collage. Each show is formulated and prepared with no regard for audience reaction. The set is constructed through sound, and the sound is pre-recorded in "real time." This recording is played back during the live performance. TSTMRKT also produces radio plays/sketches and noise collages.


TSTMRKT comes back to life in its new formation with a 3-person cast, new film loops, and new soundtrack.  The ever-expanding absurdist joyride crashes at the Vegas Theatre Company at Art Square for two evenings: September 17th and 18th, and one matinee: September 19th.  

"(TSTMRKT) layered on the sounds, images, and absurdist laughs..."

-Las Vegas Weekly


"...a broken soundscape that devolves into a stage performance that melds man, machine, time and space.”

-Milwaukee Shepherd

For the safety of all our patrons, we will require proof of COVID-19 vaccination for entry to the theatre. Mask use will be required per current CDC guidelines.


 sep 17&18 8pm