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We tell stories that bring us together.



Vegas Theatre Company is Nevada’s home for compelling theatrical productions that illuminate our shared human experience, awaken our sensibilities about our world, and develop our art form and artists.


You’ve been an important part of our success pursing that vision. 


For twenty years you’ve said YES to our theatre company. Ten years ago, you said YES to building a theatre in the heart of downtown Las Vegas. Now is the time to say YES again.


YES we want this Home for Theatre to thrive for another ten years, and YES we want it to stay HERE in our beloved Arts District.


Our goal is simple: Rasie $30K in 30 days. Your commitment will help secure a bright future for the the theatre you love.


Ten years ago we had just finished quite literally screwing down the stage floor at Art Square Theatre in preparation for our first production inside our new home.


On September 21, 2012, Art Square Theatre opened its doors establishing a dedicated space for theatre and performance in the heart of the Downtown Arts District. We proudly welcomed everyone to our home, excited to share our space with the city we love.


Every day since, your commitment to supporting our home has helped build the Las Vegas Arts District into one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in America. 


From our home in Arts Square we have produced over 50 season productions, presented multiple collaborations with fellow artists and performers, and established a place for countless community gatherings and events. Our Home has spurred economic growth, contributing to the success of surrounding businesses, and creating opportunities for artists, creatives, and volunteers. 


We are immensely proud of the part we have played in the transformation of our neighborhood. YOU have been with us every step of the way. Whether you have engaged as a patron, a donor, a volunteer or one of the many creative professionals who have worked with us—YOU have helped make our venue a home for incredible theatre.


You know as well as we do: Theatre has the power to transform. The power to transform hearts and minds and communities.


You have helped us for the last 10 years. Now is the time to commit to the next ten years.


That commitment comes with its challenges. Once we paused production in March 2020 the future of our theatre space has seemed precarious. As the Arts District has flourished, rents have risen considerably. The costs of running the venue and producing theatre in it have risen, too. We have made it through the last two years in no small part because of pandemic relief grants, small and large. While they have sustained us up until this point, helping us to keep our doors open, they were never meant to be a longterm solution. As we look to the future, ready to begin producing full seasons once again, it is imperative that you join us in securing the future.


Join with us and many others in Las Vegas and say YES!


YES, we want THEATRE and we want it to stay HERE in our Arts District.


YES, we believe in having a home dedicated to sharing stories that bring us together.


Your contribution today will help kickstart our 2022/2023 Season by securing our HOME for the remainder of the year. Your contribution will also help empower us to invest in necessary improvements for the theatre. 

Checks can be made out payable to 

Vegas Theatre Company

and sent to

1025 S 1st St #110, Las Vegas NV 89101

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