Founded in 2003 as Cockroach Theatre Company and now as Vegas Theatre Company, we are one of the Valley’s longest-running and most-regarded theatre groups, now in our 16th season and 8th season producing from our downtown home-- Art Square Theatre.


We opened Art Square Theatre in 2012 with an initial crowdfunded investment of $23,000. Nearly 8 years later that investment has paved the way for nearly 40 season productions, multiple theatrical collaborations with fellow artists, and established a home for countless community gatherings and events. Theaters like ours provide economic stimulus to surrounding businesses and opportunities for artists, creatives, and volunteers to grow. We’re proud to have helped fill that role in the Las Vegas Arts District. Not a bad community ROI!


Now, as we grow into our new name, we’re impelled to take our fundraising efforts more seriously than ever. Like most non-profit theaters our size, ticket sales only cover a fraction (typically around 25%) of what’s needed to operate sustainably. The rest is made up with earned income, volunteer hours, grants, corporate partnerships, and most importantly, financial support from individuals like you who enjoy our productions or simply understand the intrinsic value theaters like ours bring to our community and add to our local way of life.

Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to our campaign at any amount comfortable for you. Thank you.


-- Vegas Theatre Company

 If you would like to donate by check, please feel free to contact:

 Daz Weller, Artistic Director- (702) 767-8910

 Levi Fackrell, Exec. Director- (702) 743-3839

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