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By Jen Silverman

Directed by Andrew Paul

Audition Page

Available Roles

Performers of any race/ethnicity, disability, age, or gender/gender identity will be considered for all roles.

Elizabeth: (f, late 30s-60s range.) Elizabeth is an outsider. She is pragmatic, dry, funny, armored. She deflects with sharp humor. Her loneliness is a wound, but it is deeply buried. When we see glimpses of this wound, it is still raw. She discovers a steel core inside herself by the end of the play – a certainty that is stronger than anything she has ever felt.

Scratch: (m, 20s-40). Scratch is the quintessential young salesman – charismatic, charming, funny. He could talk anyone into anything, and he usually does. Over the course of the play he falls in love for the first time, and by the end he is questioning everything he’s known about himself, and living in a place of raw despair. We’re looking for someone who can nail both ends of this arc.


Cuddy Banks: (m,25-35) Sir Arthur’s son, painfully shy, a morris-dancer. He is secretly in love with Frank (and also in hate.) Tends to perform his masculinity in front of his father and Frank. Easily swayed by Scratch.

Sir Arthur: (m, 50s-60s). Authoritative, entitled, kind, used to being obeyed. He misses his dead wife, and the loneliness he feels is an engine propelling him through the play. He is a man who is rooted in tradition, conventionality. He loves his son deeply, but doesn’t understand him.

Frank: (m, same age-range as Cuddy). Frank was a working-class guy who has lucked his way into a different class bracket, a different kind of access. He is attractive and ambitious, charming but capable of flashes of real ruthlessness. He knows what people want to hear from him, and he doesn’t mind serving it. He knows what it’s like to not have enough, and he has set his sights on a different future. His entire core is built on something that is a mix of ruthlessness and desperation.

Winnifred: (f, 20s). When we meet her she is hopeful, naïve, but with a dry sense of humor. She loves Frank and she’s still waiting for him to be his best self again. By the end of the play, she has become someone who is coldly pragmatic, stripped of hope, and comfortable with this state of affairs. There should be something eerie or frightening in this steely resolve.

Auditions will take place at Vegas Theatre Company

1025 S 1st St #110 Las Vegas NV 89101

Saturday August 28 10am-2pm

Sunday August 29 1-4pm 


A charming devil arrives in the quiet village of Edmonton to bargain for the souls of its residents in exchange for their darkest wishes. Elizabeth should be his easiest target, having been labeled a “witch” and cast out by the town, but her soul is not so readily bought. A darkly comedic retelling of a Jacobean drama, this subversive fable debates how much our souls are worth when hope is hard to come by.

What to Prepare

Please prepare the scenes from the show for the character you wish to be considered for. You can download the PDF's at the bottom this page.


September 7-October 12

based on cast availability


10/13 (Paid Preview) 7:30pm 

10/15 (Opening Night) 7:30pm

10/16 2pm and 7:30pm 

10/17 5pm

10/22 7:30pm

10/23 2pm and 7:30pm

10/24 5pm 

10/29 7:30pm

10/30 2pm and 7:30pm

10/31 5pm

11/5 7:30pm

11/6 2pm and 7:30pm

11/7 5pm


All actors will be paid a stipend of $1000 for rehearsals and performances.

Audition Sides

Please download all sides and be familiar with them at the audition. No need to memorize.

Any questions can be directed to


If you would like to submit a self-taped video audition you may submit it below in the submission form by 5pm Sunday August 29

Witch Audition Form
Would you be able to make yourself completely available for Tech Week evenings starting on October 9-14 and for all show dates?
Upload Resume
Upload Headshot

You will not be required for the entire audition time and will be assigned a time once you submit

Thanks for submitting, we will be in touch soon with your audition time.

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