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​Holmes and Watson
by Jeffrey Hatcher

Sherlock Holmes has not been seen for more than three years and is presumed dead following his confrontation with Moriarty at Reichenbach Falls. Dr. Watson is called upon to disprove the many frauds, fakes and charlatans who have popped up claiming to be Holmes. Suddenly…a newspaper clipping arrives. A remote mental institution on an island off the coast of Scotland reports that three patients have been recently admitted, each claiming to be the late detective. Jeffrey Hatcher’s ingenious new thriller receives its Vegas premiere in a boldly atmospheric production.


Plays November 13 - December 8

November 13 ($15 Preview) 7:30pm

November 14 (Opening) 7:30pm

Fridays 7:30pm, Saturdays 2pm & 7:30pm, Sundays 5pm

(No show on the first Friday of the month.)


& Watson

by Jeffrey Hatcher

NOV 13 - DEC 8

Production Team:


Andrew Paul

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