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MARCH 5-8 2020

Women of Color Artists from all backgrounds and nationalities in the Las Vegas Valley will be coming together for a weekend festival dedicated to visibility, representation and connection. Plan to join us in performances, workshops, forum discussions and celebrating Las Vegas's vibrant community of Women of Color Artists of every discipline. 

Artist Call


Women of Color Art Festival, March 5th - 8th, is seeking submissions from Las Vegas based women of color for performing arts pieces that can be performed Friday March 7th between 7pm-10pm. We are looking for new, emerging or established women of color artists to present performance based pieces between 2-7 min that can be performed twice in one evening. We will consider longer pieces. These pieces can be sketches, poetry, dance, short scenes, music, movement based pieces etc.  


Dates of Performance : 3/7/20

Fee to apply or participate: $0

Deadline to Submit: 2/15/20


Submission requirements:

  1. Written description of your piece.

  2. Sample of the piece ie text from scene, video of the dance, poem etc

  3. Artist statement.  Women of Color Art Festival believe in the power of our words.  We want to hear your words about your piece. May be as short as three sentences, but no longer than a page.

Women of Color Arts Festival
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